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Myspace Font Editor "I Love You" Flash Toy Glitter Animator
Styling text has never been easier. Select from an assortment of font types, colors, sizes, and more. Change a single block of text, or everything! Works with both 1.0 and 2.0 profiles. Put a picture of your loved one (or both of you) in a cool frame. Add falling effects, and even your favorite song. Design your own glitter animation with this cool flash toy. Simply draw and generate your code!

Myspace Candy Hearts Love Note Creator Swinging Heart Generator
Let your friends leave you candy hearts with a special message. Create a love note for your boyfriend/girlfriend with this generator. Post it in a comment and let them know you love them. Easily create a swinging heart with what you want it to say. This is another great addition for any profile.

Valentines Kiss Toy Fortune Cookie Myspace Countdown
Currently Being Updated!
Upload your photo, add it to your profile, and start receiving kisses from your friends attached with personal messages!
Crack this cookie open, and see what Confucius has in store for your future! Who knows maybe you will get eternal life. Countdown to your upcoming events and let your profile viewers know whats going on. Very easy to use!

Myspace Magic 8-Ball Myspace Glitter Text Colorful Flashing Text
Will I get that huge promotion? Is today going to be sunny? Ask the Magic Eight Ball anything that you need an answer to! Record what questions were asked too, enjoy! Easily create glittery words with this generator. There are tons of different themes and effects to choose from. With this generator you can create colorful rainbow flashing text. Looks great on any profile!

Myspace Flash Games Myspace Shocking Text Myspace Flash Clocks
Give your profile viewers something to do while browsing your page. Add a fun game for them to play. Create text that appears to be exploding with shockwaves. You can pick the colors to match your page. Top your Myspace off with a stylish clock. These clocks update in real time.

Christmas Greetings Unclickable Link For Dummies Book Cover
Select from over 90 glitters and over 50 Christmas backgrounds and send out a Christmas Greeting on Myspace! Ha try and click this link, you will never be able to! If your skilled enough to click it you get to see the secret pictures that lay behind that unclickable link. Good luck! Customize your very own For Dummies Book Cover! Fun and easy to use!

Merry Pissmas New Years Countdown
Check out the funniest Christmas flash toy! Enter your friend's name, and watch as the drunken santa pees them a very special message in the snow. Get ready to celebrate the 2009 New Year! Count down from every day, hour, minute, second to the New Year with this cool and animated flash countdown!
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