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The Basics:

Formatting Text - Add effects to your text to make it cooler looking.

a) Breaking Spaces - To create a new line of text put <br> in between your text or images. This will create the effect of an enter using the enter key.
Example: Hello! <br> How are you?
Will look like this:
How are you?

You can also use paragraph tags <p> to create the effect of a new paragraph (two spaces).
Example: Hello! <p> How are you?
Will look like this:

How are you?

b) Bold, Underline, Italics, Strike Through -
Bold = <b>Text You Want Bolded</b>
Underline = <u>Text You Want Underlined</u>
Italics = <i>Text You Want In Italics</i>
Strike Through = <s>Text You Want to Strike Through</s>

c) Adding Colors - Make your text colorful!
Red = <font color="red">Text You Want Red</font>
Green = <font color="green">Text You Want Green</font>
Blue = <font color="blue">Text Your Want Blue</font>
Other Color = <font color="COLOR YOU WANT HERE">Text You Want Colorized Here</font>

d) Modifying Font Size - Make your text grow!
<font size="1">Text Here</font> = Text Here
<font size="2">Text Here</font> = Text Here
<font size="3">Text Here</font> = Text Here
<font size="4">Text Here</font> = Text Here
<font size="5">Text Here</font> = Text Here
Want to go even bigger? <font size="Size Here">Text Here</font>
Just replace Size Here with any number you want.

e) Modifying Font Face - Change your Font Face
<font face="Arial">Text Here</font> = Text Here
<font face="Times New Roman">Text Here</font> = Text Here
<font face="Courier New">Text Here</font> = Text Here
<font face="Georgia">Text Here</font> = Text Here
<font face="Verdana">Text Here</font> = Text Here
<font face="Tahoma">Text Here</font> = Text Here
Want to use another font face not listed here? <font face="Font Face">Text Here</font>
Replace Font Face with the font face name of your choice.

f) Aligning Text the way you want it.
<div align="left">Text Here</div>

<div align="center">Text Here</div>

<div align="right">Text Here</div>

g) Make Text Move!
Click here to use the simple Marquee (moving text) Generator.
Click here to see the coding for Marquees.

Text Formatting Key:

<B>text here</B>
Bold Text
<I>text here</I>
Italics Text
<U>text here</U>
<S>text here</S>
Strike Out
<SUP>text here</SUP>
Superscript (ex. abc)
<SUB>text here</SUB>
Subscript (ex. H20)
Line Break
New Paragraph
<DIV ALIGN=LEFT>text here</DIV>
This tag forces left justification.
This tag forces center justification.
<DIV ALIGN=RIGHT>text here</DIV>
This tag forces right justification.


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