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Signed Up : Jan 18, 2007  
Last Logged In : Jul 11, 2008  
Profile Views: 37,884  
Total Layouts: 21  
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Hey whats up, im Brandon and I run Freecodesource. If you come across any problems or need any help feel free to send me a message or comment.

Our biggest section of FreeCodeSource is the Facebook Layouts section! Click here to start browsing over 1500 Facebook Layouts!

Another big section is our Google Skins, for your homepage. Create your own Google Skin with our Homepage Editor.

Please take note for all Facebook Layout users:
If you're having trouble viewing your Facebook layout please check to see if your Facebook profile URL begins with https://. If it does, you will need to adjust a small setting. You can do this by clicking the top right arrow of your Facebook profile > Account Settings > Security and disable Secure Browsing. This is asked of Facebook's terms.

If you have any further questions about Facebook Layouts, check out our support page!

For more support feel free to contact the rest of the staff:
layouthelp | buzzboxkris.

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Brandon's Comments (653):
02/03/14 12:20am
roselieflores20 says:
Hi :) can u help me if how to use fb layout .. Thanks :))
12/29/13 8:23am
NENE34 says:
12/28/13 11:07pm
Tummamaru48 says:
Moikka ...minä tierä miten saa pois oman sivun tai lähetä mulle s.postiin linkki mistä saa pois sivuston en halua läällä olla t.Maire nyyssönen
12/21/13 11:33pm
Tummamaru48 says:
Moi...Miten saa pois tai poistaa oman sivun?????
08/27/13 3:00am
Christineadye says:
Thankyou Brandon
08/11/13 9:33am
VanessaAnne says:
it's an amzaing wedsite ;)
07/03/13 7:24am
hlumelo says:
hay you guyz
05/29/13 8:44am
Jezabell13 says:
Thanks Branding, I think this is what I have been looking for.
05/10/13 5:31am
joseleonylegaspi52 says:
hi!brandon-can you help me how to use fb layout tnx.
03/20/13 6:19am
leichua says:
who is thie michelle roger always appear everytime il create may lay out in fb he/she account will appear haist.....
02/15/13 11:53am
esther0068 says:
Hello brandon. I want to delete my account. I hope you Will help me
01/16/13 9:23am
wildwolf123 says:
brandon how do i delete a manage that i send to a girl that's in this website
12/27/12 12:30am
passion001 says:
Brandon how do I get the new music player...
12/02/12 3:02am
GypsyQueen says:
how do I remove the facebook layout from my facebook page?
10/03/12 7:42pm
Grandmaof3 says:
How long does it take to download the Social plug-in?
09/22/12 1:22am
paullani14 says:
hi.. how to get my layout on fb??? tnxx
08/25/12 8:01pm
glyzamae20 says:
hi :))
08/20/12 11:00pm
cepi65 says:
want to animate my profile, how ? thanks Brandon
08/13/12 7:46am
rikkibamuk says:
Hi to find a friend with th ehelp of code.....which is numeric like... 12457
08/07/12 5:20am
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07/24/12 1:50am
iAsianAly says:
How do i delete my account?
07/22/12 9:08pm
knewdressorg says:
07/07/12 7:42am
sanskar says:
dued its nice
04/25/12 4:21am
undalanissa says:
Hi Brandon ,would really like to no how to save the layouts I selected to put on my FBP,noting seems to be working ,hope it's not a scam m8t.doh lol
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